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Yes that’s right porn websites can give you malware, but how can you grabbing life in both hands infect your computer, well it turns out it’s not the videos or the websites that pose the risk, it’s the adverts on them that pose the biggest risk. Oh and as some of you will have guessed Xhamster is one of the offenders. 

But how does this work how can you get malware from an advert?

well simply put when you go onto any webpage it serves your browser something called javascript, javascript is essential to the running of any website, however it can be exploited so that it forces your computer to connect to a service you don’t know about and this is what causes you to get malware. The statistics are shocking as well if you browse just 10 pages on some websites you have a 47% risk of getting malware, but there are steps you can take to prevent this which i will detail below. 

Because most windows users don’t know about any of this they will happily click away and not be worried about the adverts they will ignore them. For example when you go onto facebook and look on your profile the only thing that is actually served to you by is the very top blue banner with your name and the background colour of the page, the rest of the content is served up to your computer from this website, now i know this all seems really scary but do not fret, there are things you can do. 

The first thing would be to disable javascript altogether in your browsers settings, however unless you know the website our visiting doesn’t need it you won’t enjoy the internet very much, the other thing you can do is use a service like NotScripts that you can get for free on google chrome, this will allow you to see all the javascript that is being served to you from different locations and you can block it if you wish. Also it should be noted by using this it makes you a lot safer online because attackers can’t launch attacks on you because your browser is stopping there malicious javascript from being launched. 

This is also a useful tool if you spot something on your connection you are unsure of this tool will allow you to investigate it. There are also other things you can do to stay safe like using an anti-malware program such as malware bytes and doing regular scans. Also it’s noted if your system is up to date the attackers have less chance of being able to get in. 

There are more tips you can find on google if you do a quick search for “how to stay safe online” and also “how to control javascript”, overall though if you take the precautions you should be fine… so remember before you grab hold make sure malware hasn’t got inside your hole. 

Stay safe and have fun ;) 


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